How to submit proposal via IREC Online Portal or E-mail.

Note that all submissions are undertaken online or via soft copies.

All documentation requirements for submission are available on the MTRH/MU-IREC Webpage or via the  link Here for checklist and application portal link Here


The application process via IREC PORTAL:

Log into the online submission portal using your preferred username and email to create an account, confirm from your email and activate your account with a preferable password. The account will then be reviewed by the Secretariat and activated for proposal submission.

Once the created account is approved for use, the PI will complete the application and submit the required documents through the portal.


The application process via Email

Alternatively, you can submit your proposal via email by downloading the checklist form from  the link  Here and submitting all the requirements as an attachment to the MTRH/MU-IREC email address or


  1. Once an application has been submitted through the portal or email, the Secretariat will allocate reviewers with expertise according to the area of study and the type of review to be undertaken.
  2. The reviewers will then read the proposal and provide their comments. The secretariat will consolidate concerns and forward to the Investigator once all the concerns are back from the respective reviewer/reviewers.
  3. Upon satisfying the reviewer/reviewers, the protocol is slotted for consideration by the Research Ethics Committee for ethical and scientific clearance
  4. Committee members are assigned proposals by the Secretariat as discussants for the scheduled proposals to lead the presentations during the meeting. They present the concerns raised by the primary reviewers and whether they were well addressed and if they have other concerns they bring it to the attention of the Committee. members.
  5. The Committee may then approve the application, decline it, or request that the revisions raised be forwarded to the investigator.
  6. If revisions are needed, the PI will make the required revisions and resubmit their application through the online system or via email.
  7. Researchers can track the progress of their application using the online review system if they submitted through the system and if they used the email they will be followed through via E-Mail, Calls or SMS.