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Vulnerable Population Form

This form is to be completed for any research study targeting or reasonably anticipating enrolling vulnerable individuals

Reviewers Guideline Form

Continuing Review Form

Research compliant or concern Form

Instruction for submitting this form
you may choose to use this form to report a concern or complaint. you can send us this form in one of the four ways ( recommended you use the fourth way for convenience)

(1) By E-mail: or

(2) Report
call and ask for IREC administrator on mobile no. 0787723677.

(3) Send a letter to report your concern or complaint.
mail to the following address and use this form as a guide to include important information.

IREC Administrator
P.O. Box 3-30100
Eldoret, Kenya

(4) Fill below and upload the soft copy of the form in the field below

Prompt Reporting form
this form should only be used to report unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others (hereafter known as unanticipated problems) and investigator or sponsor initiated study suspensions or holds. do not use this form to report non-compliance.

Non-Compliance Reporting Form
this form should only be used to report observated or apparent noncompliance. Noncompliance is defined as any action or activity associated with the conduct or oversight of research involving human participants that fails to comply with research regulations, or institutional policies governing human participants research or the requirejents or determination of the irec committee. if you need to report a major protocol deviation, please use the prompt reporting form

Additional requirements
1. if this report applies to a multiple studies, complete a form for each study.
2. attach any supporting documentation to the report.

Informed Concent Form

Study Amendment Form

IREC Abstract Form

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